Billie Eilish - Your Power (Official Music Video) 

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Directed by Billie Eilish

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Petr Vejchoda
Petr Vejchoda 4 分 前
I know this time its CGI. But I totally agree with that person who told Billie not to do this live. Still I think the person doing masking could have made a better job.
used to not like her, after this song i have changed my mind. this is beautiful
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 6 分 前
This is a thing of beauty ! This is art !
Carlos Almeida
Carlos Almeida 7 分 前
Cadê os brasileiros?
P•r•K Gaming
All good girls go to hell.....lets see hw much likes will this line gett.....😁😁😁 👇
Justice Johnson
Justice Johnson 8 分 前
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much Billie is creative and how gifted she is🥺💛
Prince Ajay
Prince Ajay 9 分 前
Sandley Galgren
Sandley Galgren 13 分 前
1DS19EI001-Aakash Bhattacharjee
Her voice is beyond angelic
Kevin Jaimes
Kevin Jaimes 16 分 前
This not it 🤣
Zury Margalli Perez
Ana Oliveira
Ana Oliveira 18 分 前
Aí gente, a Billie loira é minha religião 🛐🥵
Taciani 19 分 前
57M 💚
Taciani 19 分 前
Love you
Taciani 19 分 前
Taciani 19 分 前
2 semanas
weird.childx_ 27 分 前
Eai billie Vamo fazer um feat com a Melanie Martinez?
Marysia love
Marysia love 28 分 前
Moisejo officiel
Moisejo officiel 30 分 前
yo de mix is so dope💥💥💥
Abhisekh Parajuli
U bless us🙏
Atha Z
Atha Z 38 分 前
Gurl...!!! ❤️❤️❤️
MONDAMI 40 分 前
Me llego esta cancion se nota que ya esta cansada de ser un titere:(
Jolli Bee
Jolli Bee 41 分 前
In a dark world, we need encouragement more than ever! Imagine your child feeling encouraged after seeing that God is literally standing, or sitting next to them! Wouldn’t that build their courage and faith!? This is what the book “GOD IS WITH ME WHEN” can do for them (and even you) because this short 10 page story shows how God is literally right next to you, holding, or comforting you when you are sad, lonely, hurt, angry, or even excited! Let the colorful pages leap out and touch your heart. (Amazon)
Jolli Bee
Jolli Bee 41 分 前
The universe is made up of mathematical patterns! Can order be created from chaos? Ie...Can one drop a bunch of steel, aluminum and plastic from the sky onto one part of the ground below and expect a car to be created? Darwin renounced his theory on his deathbed. Why aren't ALL apes human by now anyway if we truly evolved? Apes and tadpoles still exist separate from us do they not? Why don't we see tadpoles evolving into human beings today? The Divine #3: 3 Primary colors (to create from). Sun: 3 diff rays. 3 Kingdoms: plant, animal, mineral. Matter: gas, liquid, solid. Forces of Nature: gravity, light, electricity. Atom: neutron, proton, electron. Matter cannot even exist without 3! For such "creation," I believe there is a creator: Father, Son, (Jesus = God in the flesh) Spirit. From Google Search: Everyone's skin grows in a slightly different environment. That's why it's so unlikely anyone has the same fingerprints as you - about a 1 in 64 billion chance. - 4 different seasons; night and day, sun during the day, moon and stars at night. We have the ability to heal, reproduce, have emotions. No two fingerprints are alike. Creatures can breathe underwater. Most birds can fly. From the tiniest ant to the tallest mountain, things are made. It takes more faith to prove God doesn’t exist than there is to prove he doesn’t. Burden of proof is on the former. He is a Creator w/ order. So, He is real. What must happen? He sent His Son on earth nearly 2,000 years ago. Follow His teachings (New Testament Bible) and receive eternal life. Acts 2:38 (Repent and be baptized for forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.) Go go to heaven my friends.
Isabella Caporali
LUV U! ❤️🥺
Oxana Zlatov
Oxana Zlatov 43 分 前
Wtf quem foi o otario que colocou deslke ?
Orion 43 分 前
Evolving better and better with each song. Just remarkable originality that sets her above others ❤
Vih Souza
Vih Souza 46 分 前
didn't understand the meaning of music
habib djama abdi
habib djama abdi 48 分 前
Très belle musique 👍
c r s h t p r
c r s h t p r 55 分 前
Going to village vibes
human beat box pro
My forever crush is you ellish... I love youuu sooo much as you loved xxxtentacion and justin bieber🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😔😔😔😔🤩🤩🤩🙏🙏😘😘😘😘😘
c r s h t p r
c r s h t p r 58 分 前
So Poweer🔥🔥🔥
Assem Zhaniya
Assem Zhaniya 58 分 前
Great! I love this song!
Gacha Playz
Gacha Playz 時間 前
I love ❤️ this song
Niz zin
Niz zin 時間 前
Elsie Clayton-Ayres
Hi girl this is the one who chats with u on snap it feels like yesterday sence I saw ocean eyes to you grow up so fast I love you so much I follow you on tiktok keep making music your so good your my idol
shwapsing chewits
Look! XXXTENTACION & Billie Eilish - Your Power! jpsupports.info/status/mqParWzZl36fkmE/bideo
lizzy sinders
lizzy sinders 時間 前
Tuana 時間 前
Love u so much
Alan Solomona
Alan Solomona 時間 前
Her voice is so calming, It makes me cry even more. What I am talking about, Is that whenever she sings, I remember what my "Friends" do to me, especially, the way my parents treat me as an middle child. Without this angels voice, I would be dead by now. Billie Eilish always comforts me by you angelic voice, I thought you stop posting, so I started crying, But now you posted yay. I thought you quit and i thought it was sad for me not to be able to listen to your angelic voice Billie. Keep it up With the songs and voice Billie!
Tuana 時間 前
Şarkı billie’nin diğer şarkıları gibi yine çok anlamlı. Erkeklerin küçük yaştaki kızlarla kurdukları ilişkiden bahsediyor. “Gücünü kötü kullanmamaya çalış” diyor erkeklere.
black Rose
black Rose 時間 前
I love you so much like my mommy!😍 Am dead💀
Syed Moiez Bukhari
This is so powerful OMG!
Berennie ༄
Berennie ༄ 時間 前
Feel special..
Tuana 時間 前
Sesi huzur verici🥺🖤
Om Buds
Om Buds 時間 前
All religions in the world prohibit violence and teach love. 🙏 For the people in the world (Islam, Kristen, Katolik, Hindu, Budha, Khonghucu , and all).🙏🙏🙏 Please #savePalestine🇸🇩 #weAllOne #🔥🔥🇮🇱🇺🇲
L Puma
L Puma 時間 前
Fine. But Billie is not blond bomb shell. Wish she didn't go there.
Evelyn 時間 前
How did it taste?
edward asuquo
edward asuquo 時間 前
Awwn billie
ADK_GAMER- Arthur DarkGamer
best of the year: peaches hold on anyone (the entire JUSTICE album) driver's license deja vu your power save you tears (remix) We're good los va a olividar On the ground good 4 u electric
Balloon Boy is hot
Fridah Charles
Fridah Charles 時間 前
I love you billie but I hate anaconda Sorry but I prefer lyrics than video
Oha türkçe alt yazı var duygylandım
Gamze TURAN 時間 前
I hate you billie eilish
Charlotte Vado
Charlotte Vado 時間 前
Ive just realised is billie tryna tell us something.... we love you billie !!!!!!!!!!
Lizangelly Gonzalez
Lizangelly Gonzalez 2 時間 前
viola milazzo
viola milazzo 2 時間 前
how you can't like her songs? They are more than fantastic!
Lizangelly Gonzalez
Lizangelly Gonzalez 2 時間 前
musky labs
musky labs 2 時間 前
Uhhuy love it😘
Şerife Eman
Şerife Eman 2 時間 前
Me to
Camilla Fiore
Camilla Fiore 2 時間 前
wallace torrieri
wallace torrieri 2 時間 前
I'm listenning to this here in prison, and I feel so warmed by her voice
Battousai 2 時間 前
Such a pretty soul and song
A Random Woman
A Random Woman 2 時間 前
Billie sitting comfortable and motionless as the snake enwraps her is genius...especially w her perched alone in a isolated spot. Perfect and genius.
Thando Ndaba
Thando Ndaba 2 時間 前
Having life problems l listen to this song
Arnold Busa
Arnold Busa 2 時間 前
I love you♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ak akhlaq  studio
Ak akhlaq studio 2 時間 前
great singer in the world and she is very stylish
Dena Mitchell
Dena Mitchell 2 時間 前
All I can see is WOW power!!
Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Chinchilla Converse
Chinchilla Converse 2 時間 前
Try not to abuse your power I know we didn't choose to change You might not wanna lose your power But havin' it's so strange She said "you were a hero, you played the part" "But you ruined her in a year, don't act like it was hard" And you swear you didn't know (didn't know, didn't know) No wonder why you didn't ask She was sleepin' in your clothes (in your clothes, in your clothes) But now she's got to get to class How dare you? And how could you? Will you only feel bad when they find out? If you could take it all back Would you? Try not to abuse your power I know we didn't choose to change You might not wanna lose your power But havin' it's so strange I thought that I was special, you made me feel Like it was my fault, you were the devil, lost your appeal Does it keep you in control? (In control, in control) For you to keep her in a cage? And you swear you didn't know (didn't know, didn't know) You said you thought she was your age How dare you? And how could you? Will you only feel bad if it turns out that they kill your contract? Would you? Try not to abuse your power I know we didn't choose to change You might not wanna lose your power But power isn't pain Mhmm, mhmm Ooh ooh ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh ooh ooh, ooh-ooh Ha, ha-ha-ha-ha La-la-la-la la, la la, la la Ha
Kishan Singh
Kishan Singh 2 時間 前
Pimmy11 2 時間 前
I like the Church and their song Under The Milky Way too. But I don't think it's cool to change the lyrics and claim it as your own.
Jagdish Jaiswal
Jagdish Jaiswal 2 時間 前
Anybody else searching for lyrics in the comment section or jzt me though :@
L. Hardy
L. Hardy 2 時間 前
My God such a beautiful sound, perfect production , love it, wow :-)
Prince Beemo
Prince Beemo 2 時間 前
dzaki muhammad
dzaki muhammad 2 時間 前
Trendingkan kawan
Lia Jean
Lia Jean 2 時間 前
Svešā seja
Svešā seja 時間 前
hi guys. please help me gain more subscribers. youtube is the only way i know to support my studies. thank and sorry for begging you ❤❤
Maria Monica Silveira
bro she sings very well
Shayma 3 時間 前
Merçè 3 時間 前
✨Billie ✨ you're a big one
quinn perez
quinn perez 3 時間 前
Is it me r she's is changing a lot
zelja vukasin
zelja vukasin 3 時間 前
That's good for her🤷‍♀️she is happier
x{İrEm}x qİrEm
x{İrEm}x qİrEm 3 時間 前
hello billie eilish i know that tentacion is not dead if you don't believe me can you write that tentacion is dead from you tube by the way i am turkish kensin am one of your fans i wish i had a chance to come but i can't come i love you so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lamar Basman
Lamar Basman 3 時間 前
Omg her voice is so calming and I love her hair 💖🥰
The Groovy Guitar Dude
For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how :) - Standard Tuning - No Capo - - Chord Progression & Strum Pattern Repeated Through The WHOLE Song - Fmaj7, Fmaj7, Am, G6 For each chord, strum: ↓↓ ↑↓↑ - Intro/Outro Picking Pattern - E| | | | A| | 5h7 8 | | D| 9 7 | | 9 7 | G| | 7 | | 5 54 B| 5 65 8 | 5 65 | 5 65 8 | 3s555 33 e| 8 7 | 8 7 | 8 7 | Hope this helps out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just posted a video lesson for this on my channel :)
ReSpawn 2 時間 前
dude chill
Potatoe Gurl
Potatoe Gurl 3 時間 前
As a huge fan of Billie and a survivor of sexual abuse, this song made me cry a bit and I feel like I have been noticed and my pain has been noticed as well. Also, the hoodies for her new merch is now like 120$ and I feel broke lol
madi on the mix
madi on the mix 3 時間 前
such a heavy track.
Martin Okyere
Martin Okyere 3 時間 前
Who else thinks that this must be the song of the year.
mariovec2 3 時間 前
jpsupports.info/status/pIaWa52r1auBvHI/bideo HIT!
mariovec2 3 時間 前
jpsupports.info/status/pIaWa52r1auBvHI/bideo HIT!
mariovec2 3 時間 前
jpsupports.info/status/pIaWa52r1auBvHI/bideo HIT!
mariovec2 3 時間 前
jpsupports.info/status/pIaWa52r1auBvHI/bideo HIT!
mariovec2 3 時間 前
jpsupports.info/status/pIaWa52r1auBvHI/bideo HIT!
mariovec2 3 時間 前
jpsupports.info/status/pIaWa52r1auBvHI/bideo HIT!
Anto dbrum
Anto dbrum 3 時間 前
Hello Billie Eilish, I'm your fan 😭What a good topic
Maria Holm
Maria Holm 3 時間 前
Billie is the best singer i know i love all the songs❤️👍
Lucas P. Calheiros
Lucas P. Calheiros 3 時間 前
I’m not a follower of everything that Billie put out, but this melody is something else. Really dig that !!Awesome songwriting, very simple but yet really effective.
「Cloud βerry」
「Cloud βerry」 3 時間 前
From this 💙🖤💚 to this : 💛🧡
ElliFortælli 3 時間 前
WoW Billie eilish have a new styel😋❤️love it!
KryJakBoss 3 時間 前
Emiliano Mtz Cuevas
Emiliano Mtz Cuevas 3 時間 前
57 millones 🤩😍
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