Yamaha XJ650 Cafe Racer Build Cinematic Timelapse by Jish 

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Jish 2 ヶ月 前
The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/jish03211
Christopher Saitluanga
@Rene Huitsing and his brother
Micherald Monfort
Dude you brought it back to LIFE!!!!
EbonyPope 29 日 前
Did you oil the air filters? They looked dry to me.
EbonyPope 29 日 前
Dude derust the frame completely first before you start welding on things.
michael brinks
michael brinks ヶ月 前
How does it run with the pod filters??? I have an 85 XJ700 with basically the same carbs, I wanted to get a Dynojet kit and pod filters but was told it'll NEVER run right without the stock air box. I can properly install everything but don't wanna spend $200 only to have the bike run worse than stock.
gerard osaica
gerard osaica 時間 前
I wanted to ask. what motorcycle is the front suspension from?
Dom's art
Dom's art 4 時間 前
bro ride that bike im excited
Minh Bình
Minh Bình 6 時間 前
Love your vid
Larry Lynch
Larry Lynch 6 時間 前
spectacular build and video edit
Piasek 1980
Piasek 1980 8 時間 前
Great job !
ahoyoohlaao 8 時間 前
2.5 years for christ !!!!!!
abhirupsingh4004 11 時間 前
A work of art and passion. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
R&B's Corner
R&B's Corner 14 時間 前
Cool video kasueno
Kolotun 18 時間 前
Отлично получилось, но где русские комментарии?
zeljko bozic
zeljko bozic 19 時間 前
amazing transformation
mike chavez
mike chavez 20 時間 前
Awesome build if that was my bike it would never see the rain
Igor Matejić
Igor Matejić 20 時間 前
Epic movie, epic bike, epic work. Congrats
Karthik Gowda
Good one mate, very Happy to pickup few skills from this.cheers
odiriz 日 前
amazing man keep the good works
DziQaCebula 日 前
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 日 前
Super magnificent
GORN 日 前
basba Qal
basba Qal 日 前
Superb and brilliant job mate. Now where can I find that electrical junction MMMMMMM unit? I need one for my 1989 ZXR Can you send me a link? Thanks.
Darren Wellhoefer
I'm not going to lie, mate. I got a little misty watching this. I could feel the frustration and the ultimate satisfaction in your voice thru the trials and tribulations of the video. I LOVE cafe racers. There's something about them that are the ultimate- its hard to explain but you get it because what you ended up with was incredible. Anyways, very excited for your built. Congrats. You are the envy of many. Ride safe, brother!
fernando Diez
fernando Diez 2 日 前
Just beautiful.
bung Arthur
bung Arthur 2 日 前
Origin very good
Prefer the original headlight but you knew I'd say that. I was horrified that you were butchering an XJ650, still an awesome looking bike, but you pulled off an amazing transformation. Respect.
hairlesheep 2 日 前
I want that exact same looking bike with upright/bobber style handle bars. PERFECT!
Roberto Guerrieri
The project is well executed and skillfully narrated, but the final product is a jumble of different styles. It looks like terminetor.l's bike
Roberto Guerrieri
@Jish Happy you .... happy everyone.!!!
Jish 3 日 前
Im happy with it ⚡️
zet421 3 日 前
Jaw-dropping tier content.
Simon Brown
Simon Brown 3 日 前
Love what you've done with that bike. Just brilliant. Nice to hear about the realistic time-frame too!! Awesome and inspirational.
Клод Моне
Wtf Man
Wtf Man 3 日 前
Why bro why?? For such a beautiful bike what's with that ugly headlight 😢💔
Great build! Inspiring!
Eric King
Eric King 3 日 前
Great job!
Herick de Noronha
Um show de engenharia! Parabéns!!
CO OCD 3 日 前
I can't say that I have ever been able to go to this level but years ago I did nearly the same with a Suzuki GS500. I added GSXR 750 front forks, dual 320mm discs, custom machined triple adapter, an R6 rear mono shock, and grafter a Ducati Monster rear subframe to it. I absolutely loved the project and it was a long time in the making. And then I sold it. :( That is where this makes me super sad but also happy I can type what I did above. I learned so much about my skills making that bike into a one of a kind and I will always have that. Just as you have this amazing video; it will always be here. Now, just don't sell this bike! lol Amazing build and thanks for sharing.
Ahmed Malik
Ahmed Malik 3 日 前
Absolutely magnificent, I did not know I had a thing for re-building bikes uptil now.
Virtual Soul
Virtual Soul 4 日 前
Реставрация прикольная и не большие изменения во внешности но, НО, фара просто ужасная
shashi pathak
shashi pathak 4 日 前
Hi Jish, I am working on an electric motorcycle. Can we connect?
Curt Henry
Curt Henry 4 日 前
Owned a XJ650, great bikes except for the Hitachi carburetors. Parts for the Hitachi carbs are impossible to find in the States.
Holger Wagner
Holger Wagner 4 日 前
Fine Job. But a mistake with the tank.Better to keep him original.
Jack Richards
Jack Richards 5 日 前
Yea, thats an awesome retrofit custom buddy. I'm a Yamaha rider for the most part. XJs' are damn fine street tourers. XS1100 specials are a fave and R1 as well as FJ12 & 1300's . Your 650 is one of the best now too.
Antony Decosta
Antony Decosta 5 日 前
No engine sound = dislike
Jish 5 日 前
Thats what you took away from this video? Shame man
Alessandro Innocenzi
Great job man !!!
Alone1am 5 日 前
Like a bike done for a sci fi movie of a hollywood. Masterpiece. My dream to do this atleast once a life.
Jessie Porbasas
Jessie Porbasas 5 日 前
good job sir
Robert Lemoine
Robert Lemoine 5 日 前
Good tunage,great content.Thankyou
abdulrehman akhtar
Beautiful build man.Really loved it.
Chocolateer 5 日 前
Holy crap. That bike turned out absolutely beautiful! Fantastic camera work as well!
Lalbiakthanga BeeTee
Even Superman would be impressed
harry smith
harry smith 6 日 前
Massive respect at you Jish I totally agree with you about the time element I restored my 1990 ZXR750H2 six years ago took me 2 1/2 years and never set a time to complete, imo you set a time limit you start cutting corners to complete the build and very easily miss something very important. I do have a café racer build myself I hope to start soon an old 1978 XS250 seeing this has stirred the juices to start the prep work. New sub and bell clicked bud - stay safe ride safe 😎😉👍
Jish 5 日 前
Thanks for the kind words Harry!
Ahmad Hanafi
Ahmad Hanafi 6 日 前
Keren NGAB , you are jenius ....
aris setiawan02
aris setiawan02 6 日 前
Yang kesini Gara gara liat SG nya @thejakartaroads kalian satu server sama gue wkwkwkwk
Behhh siap siap cerett ituu bang..
Agustitus M
Agustitus M 6 日 前
Kesini garagara TJR, absen!!
Mike Clay
Mike Clay 6 日 前
This video makes me sad and inspired all at the same time. My father and I bought 2 CB750s back in 2011 with the intent of doing something similar to what you have done. We built a shop with the intent of doing future projects. Sadly, as the shop was finished, he passed suddenly in 2013. I sold the motorcycles and never considered doing it again until now.
Mike Clay
Mike Clay 4 日 前
@Jish btw, if you need some parts for a CB750 I have a ton of gaskets and other new parts etc all in a box waiting to go!
Mike Clay
Mike Clay 4 日 前
@Jish the effort you put into these videos is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your kind words, I didn’t mean to be a downer, just wanted you to know the videos are inspiring and of great interest to me and why. Thanks for doing what you do, having been a graphic designer in a past life I can appreciate the “art” of not only the builds but that of the videography/editing as well. Definitely subscribed!!!
Jish 5 日 前
Messages like this is what make it worth while putting so much effort into the builds and videos. Really sorry to hear about your dad passing. It can be so hard to find the motivation and passion to get back in the swing of things and if this video has helped in any way, then im glad to have made it. Much love mike!
rhythm 5 日 前
schantre 6 日 前
stone medina
stone medina 6 日 前
masterful, tremendous work m8 🤘👽
Daffa Alasqhori
Daffa Alasqhori 6 日 前
Keren 🆖🆎🤙
Fadly Arrasyid
Fadly Arrasyid 6 日 前
The dedication into it is ngga ada obat, epic build
The Jakarta Roads
just wanted to say kudos to your efforts of building that bike, and making an epic video to come with it too. cheers man! enjoyed every second of it!
Sagiri Lon__T
Sagiri Lon__T 5 日 前
Jish 5 日 前
Thanks so much man! means a lot from someone who makes videos too!
marcellino reyhan
Langsung otw sini bang karena penasaran wkw
Ayat Anfak Risky
Baru liat sg langsung ksni
febrian086 _
febrian086 _ 6 日 前
Cengiz Mutluhan
Cengiz Mutluhan 6 日 前
nice bike so its look great bro
Manoj Narendran
Manoj Narendran 7 日 前
Best part... Seat
andy vdw
andy vdw 7 日 前
work of art
white lives matter
Yo man good job good job bro! respect!
Alex Gera
Alex Gera 7 日 前
Sagiri Lon__T
Sagiri Lon__T 7 日 前
Damn yo
Whiter00m 7 日 前
Great vid pity about the....... ehhhh....sounds aka noise! FFS!
Angelus Bellum
Angelus Bellum 7 日 前
Chris Tincher
Chris Tincher 8 日 前
That tail light is epic
Landyfish 01
Landyfish 01 8 日 前
Nice job lad ... bravo
What a super video and bike!!!!! Great job
kumpun winn
kumpun winn 9 日 前
So beautiful bike and video. Worth every minutes.
Dragon Onwall
Dragon Onwall 9 日 前
Very nicely done! I had a Yamaha 650 in Hongkong before. Wow, all that work and dedication, I'm so impressed! Lovely filmed to, would have be nice to see it riding thou. Hallo from Stockholm.
Wayne Anderson
Wayne Anderson 9 日 前
Fan of the square headlights. Nice work!
JB 9 日 前
I must say that is the sweetest 650 resto-mod cafe racer I've seen. I love all your designs and remakes and the attention to detail. Beautiful bike! Hope you will start another project soon. Have fun riding, you've earned it!
cribbsprojects 9 日 前
You're a talented film maker as well as a great fab man. Nice watching!
John wayne
John wayne 9 日 前
Well done sir!
Silvio Marques
Silvio Marques 9 日 前
Great work man! Nice bike!
Yavuz ulusoy
Yavuz ulusoy 9 日 前
Legend motorbike
live2drive 9 日 前
you are really good
shyam m
shyam m 9 日 前
Dream build
Best body with worst headlight design... Door work though Single classic headlight would have been dope
Jek Richer
Jek Richer 10 日 前
Все круто, но очень много музыки и она очень громкая. Иногда хочется слышать звук двигателя до и после!
Chaitu Surapaneni
Wonderful job for videographer wow
José Vinagre
José Vinagre 10 日 前
Que falta de originalidad, TODOS ponen las luces de cola (Led por supuesto), exactamente en el mismo lugar, dentro del marco curvo del chasis; menos mal que al final cambió de idea haciendo algo mucho mejor.
Abdul Mateen
Abdul Mateen 10 日 前
I love it man I want my bike to be cafe
Rummi 10 日 前
There was no need to wax the plastic, it dosent glue the resin. Nice work.
Dave Thor
Dave Thor 10 日 前
You can definately tell the amount of dedication placed within this video, the project, the editing, the takes and music. Lovely. Amazing Work! Greetings from Colombia.
Limpan 10 日 前
wow all i can say is wow. the productions is amazing the bike gave me a engine orgasm and everything is great :D +1 subscriber
JCarlos MB
JCarlos MB 10 日 前
dony chrisvalen
dony chrisvalen 10 日 前
Tujan Culver
Tujan Culver 11 日 前
Dave Blakeney
Dave Blakeney 11 日 前
Great Vid fella, well presented and informative. Good work !
Alan Glen
Alan Glen 11 日 前
Did you remove the plastic / paint from under the location of nuts and bolts and engine bolts?? It tends to squeeze out and allow fretting and vibration eventually.
Joe White Wolf
Joe White Wolf 11 日 前
this was one of my first motorbikes and I liked it very much til a heavy accident where it got totally destroyed. nice to see what you are doing
Stuart Pearce
Stuart Pearce 11 日 前
I've clicked on most of your links but can't see where you go the seat mount / release parts from, did you buy them or make them from scratch? - fantastic build btw
ghxulish疼痛 11 日 前
Cafe racers are clean af
W W 11 日 前
I've never been into bikes but this is a very cool build. I'd love to do something like this👍
Jeremy M. dela Cruz
I wish do
Levan Nikogosv
Levan Nikogosv 11 日 前
butiful work
Yamaha XT600 Scrambler build...
Proyecto Honda 550 café racer